Is Wayne Rooney’s Injury a blessing in disguise?

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Just over a month ago Wayne Rooney the golden boy of Manchester United was stretchered off during a two-all draw at the Reebok stadium. And what a difference one month makes! At first we had the ‘is he/ isn’t he injured’ debacle, followed by where will Rooney be playing his football in January. Wayne Rooney now sits in Dubai perceived by his team and fans very differently to the demi-god, he was just one month ago. The irony of the whole situation is that Rooney who claimed he wasn’t injured, hasn’t started for United since that away draw at Bolton, and following Alex Fergusons comments today (see it looks like he will be out for another 5 weeks(I wonder whether Rooney dare contradict Ferguson this time)?

Now I know Rooney has been described as a liar, selfish, disloyal etc. but no one seems to have mentioned the term ‘burnt out’. And that is exactly what I intend to do. -take a peak>


Priceless and Pointless Pundits…

I’ve been having a few thoughts recently about football pundetry and its standard, and knowing how Patrick and I fancy ourselves as MOTD Master Men and Sky Sports Specialists, I thought it appropriate to get my feelings out.

I read an hilarious post recently on a BBC Blog from a fan disappointed in the low standard of pundetry from a particular ex-pro. I’ll let you guess who he’s on about…

“Second Rate Footballer = Second Rate Pundit
Second Rate Journalist = Second Rate Presenter

Second Rate Presenter + Second Rate Pundit = third rate show

Why haven’t you been sacked yet?”

I think about the times when I’ve disagreed with a pundit, or when I’ve thought TV has put on some absolute muppets to fill a whole on their overly expensive studio sofas. I grew up with Des Lynam anchoring MOTD. Alan Hansen to me was a legend: a man who understood the game, experienced great success within it, and wasn’t afraid to share his mind – “Yu tolk aboot poor defeeendin” was one of his most used quotes, and one my Dad and I often repeated. I still hold that view on Mr. Hansen. As a defender myself, I like how he sees the game. He sometimes talks nonsense, but don’t we all? (After all, “you don’t win nothin with kids” do you Alan?!).

The newer generation of football pundits seem far less aware of the game, and much more aware of saying something safe on TV. -take a peak>

Hopping on the Bandwagon

“Two football loving University graduates, sick of dire journalism and average football blogs online, team up to bring a fresh look at the world of football.” Hi I’m Joe, and that’s what I want the Times Top 100 Blogs to read next year when this site is in full swing. I’m the proud co-founder and blogger of Upper90Magazine alongside Patrick. We’ve grown up together loving football, from playing in the street to the same team at weekends, to hard fought battles on PES and FIFA (debate to follow!). I currently enjoy Saturday Afternoon football as a Centre Back (think Richard Dunne) with my team in Loughborough and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a mad Arsenal fan (but not the type who hates Spurs it must be said). We’re looking to have a laugh here but also write up about a genuine passion of ours, and it’s great to have you on board.

I’m going to follow on from Patrick’s quick fire ‘get to know me’ round… -take a peak>

Battle of Tyne-Wear

Sunday 31st October, after a year away from the top flight Newcastle Utd are back and they now face Sunderland for the first Tyne-Wear deby of the 2010-2011 season. I have no doubt that the fans will be expecting a treat come Sunday afternoon and why shouldn’t they; both sides are in the top half of the table seperated by a single point! What makes the game even more interesting isn’t the fact the game hosts a world footballer of the year nominee (Gyan) or two inform strikers (Caroll and Bent) but possibly the most anticipated battle in English football history… Cattermole v Barton. As I read their names the words, ‘lets get ready to ruuuuuuumble’ come to mind… even the ‘battle of britain’ bout between David Haye and Audley Harrison fails to match up to this one. -take a peak->->

Does England lack talent?

They are the words that I have learnt to live with over the last few months ‘The England team is rubbish and the young English players lack talent’ and the shortlist for the Ballon d’or seems to reiterate this. The shortlist which was realeased earlier today shows that not one English player has been nominated for the award. For me the most notable nominees are; Mesut Ozil and Thomas Muller. The two German youngsters have particularly caught my eye because it was just over a year ago that a German U21 side lined up against an England U21 side including James Milner, Theo Walcott, Adam Johnson in the Euro U21 championships final. So why is it that Ozil and Muller appear to have the world at their feet and the young English players are blasted by the public as useless? And, why have Spain and Germany succeeded where England appear to have failed? -take a peak.>

Let the Blogging commence

Hello wordpress!!!! Today is the day that upper90magazine is launched. We intend to bring you interesting, incitefull and sometimes funny information from the world of football (thats soccer to you guys over the pond).  I will leave your tastebuds sizzling with a quickfire round of my footballing interests!!!

  1. Favourite team – Ok I have two; Rushden & Diamonds and Arsenal (every one needs a big team to follow)
  2. Favourite Player – Currently it has to be Cesc Fabregas, what a player
  3. Best ever Player – I am to young to jump on the back of Pele and Maradonna so I would have to go with Zidane, or the real Ronaldo…has to be Zidane
  4. Player I love to hate – Nani, good player but he plays for Utd so that has to go against him!
  5. Favourite manager – Has to be Mr Wenger
  6. Best Manager – Jose Mourinho – class, skill, arrogance and looks what a recipe
  7. Favourite goal – Zinedine Zidane’s winner against Bayern Levurkusen in the Champions league final… li>
  8. If i could meet any footballer who would it be? Mr David Beckham!

Feel free to ask me anymore questions…. and enjoy the blog!


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