Battle of Tyne-Wear

Sunday 31st October, after a year away from the top flight Newcastle Utd are back and they now face Sunderland for the first Tyne-Wear deby of the 2010-2011 season. I have no doubt that the fans will be expecting a treat come Sunday afternoon and why shouldn’t they; both sides are in the top half of the table seperated by a single point! What makes the game even more interesting isn’t the fact the game hosts a world footballer of the year nominee (Gyan) or two inform strikers (Caroll and Bent) but possibly the most anticipated battle in English football history… Cattermole v Barton. As I read their names the words, ‘lets get ready to ruuuuuuumble’ come to mind… even the ‘battle of britain’ bout between David Haye and Audley Harrison fails to match up to this one.

Joseph Anthony Barton is most know for his no-nonsence style of play, with how should I put it, his Thug like antics on and off the pitch. There is no doubt that the boy has ability being capped by England but Barton will always be remembered for his poor behaviour on and off the field. When I think of Joey Barton I still see that image of Ousmane Dabo‘s face. The training ground bust up which lead to Barton receiving a £100,000 fine, an arrest and a lengthy ban shows his short temper and ability to do the unimaginable. Dabo came out of that clash with severe head injuries and a detached retina. And Dabo wasn’t the only team-mate that Barton attacked at City. In Dec 2004 Barton nearly caused another team-mate to go blind when he decided to stub his cigar out in the eye of City youth teamer Jamie Tandy.

Dabo and Barton fallout - sourced from

His inability to control his temper and thrill for violence hasn’t just been saved for his team-mates. Barton will most definitely be remembered for his auwfull challenges on his fellow professionals. Alan Sherer the Newcastle manager of the time banned Barton for a dreadfull challenge on World Cup winner Xabi Alonso but the challenge which will add most spice to the Tyne-Wear derby is that challenge on Dickson Etuhu. Playing Barton against Sunderland on his debut was like putting Alex Ferguson in a room full of Wayne Rooneys …and his high footed challenge highlights how Barton reacts to high pressured situations. 

Cattermole on the other hand is a far quieter individual off the pitch, just the one arrest. However the youngster from Stockton on Tees is starting to develop a bit of a name for himself as a viscious player. Like Barton, Cattermole’s style of play will always land him in trouble at some point but there is a fine line between good defending and an absolutely disgusting tackle. Looking back at the red he received for Wigan against West Ham two seasons ago, his lunge at Scott Parker, just highlights how recklessness can ruin a talented players game. Cattermole has already missed a handfull of games this season after seeing Red twice . . .his tackle against Wigan certainly isn’t one for saw eyes! Cattermole is a good player who can break up the play well, but put him in pressurised conditions, against a certain Mr Barton and will he be able to keep his cool?

Lets hope that we see no Halloween tackles and the game contested in a good manner, but who wouldn’t put a bet on a red card in this game?


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I am 22 years old and co-founder of upper90magazine. I love all things football...Whether its a cold and rainy Saturday watching Rushden & Diamonds or an evening International match at Wembley Stadium.

One Response to Battle of Tyne-Wear

  1. Dave Norwood says:

    I stand to be corrected but Barton is a change player. I saw him get lots of stick against Wolves earlier this season. He took all of it without reacting and he was unlucky to be booked for his only bad foul in the game.

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