Hopping on the Bandwagon

“Two football loving University graduates, sick of dire journalism and average football blogs online, team up to bring a fresh look at the world of football.” Hi I’m Joe, and that’s what I want the Times Top 100 Blogs to read next year when this site is in full swing. I’m the proud co-founder and blogger of Upper90Magazine alongside Patrick. We’ve grown up together loving football, from playing in the street to the same team at weekends, to hard fought battles on PES and FIFA (debate to follow!). I currently enjoy Saturday Afternoon football as a Centre Back (think Richard Dunne) with my team in Loughborough and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a mad Arsenal fan (but not the type who hates Spurs it must be said). We’re looking to have a laugh here but also write up about a genuine passion of ours, and it’s great to have you on board.

I’m going to follow on from Patrick’s quick fire ‘get to know me’ round…

  1. Favourite team –Arsenal (but a sneaky interest in me ol’ local club Northampton Town too).
  2. Favourite Player – Currently Jack Wilshere, incredible talent and potential – but Gareth Bale is phenomenal too. Dennis Bergkamp is my overall top dog.
  3. Best ever Player – Like Pat, I’m too young to wax lyrical about the traditional superstars like Pele and Maradonna, so for me I’m torn between recent heroes like Zidane, Fat Ronaldo and Thierry Henry in his prime. I’ll go with Ronaldo.
  4. Player I love to hate – Nani is a great shout, but for me it’s Michael Essien. He’s clearly an incredible athlete and footballer, but I can’t escape some of his filthy “tackles” and long range goals against the Gooners.
  5. Favourite manager – Ian Holloway. Quality press conferences. (Le professeur if I’m being serious though).
  6. Best Manager – can’t argue with Jose Mourinho – as well as the characteristics Patrick’s labeled, the simple commodity of success wherever he goes sets him apart for me.
  7. Favourite goal – Dennis Bergkamp against Newcastle, 2nd March 2002. Technique, touch, power, composure, finish (as well as a firm hand in the face of Nikos Dabizas!). Just Class. Unbelievable. People have said he didn’t mean it, that’s just heresy.
  8. If I could meet any footballer who would it be? Peter Crouch. Seems like a legend. Henry for pure footballing genius though, and he seems like a right laugh.

Thanks for putting yourself through that! In the mean time, check out the articles Patrick’s posted and get commentating! I’m well up for a debate.



About fatronaljoe
Now then. Recently graduated from Loughborough University, I love football; be it trivia and history or technique and tactics. I'm a mad Gonner with a curious interest in boyhood club Northampton Town. I play Sat afternoon football as a solid centre back! That'll do for now...

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