Is Wayne Rooney’s Injury a blessing in disguise?

A depleted Wayne Rooney - sourced from

Just over a month ago Wayne Rooney the golden boy of Manchester United was stretchered off during a two-all draw at the Reebok stadium. And what a difference one month makes! At first we had the ‘is he/ isn’t he injured’ debacle, followed by where will Rooney be playing his football in January. Wayne Rooney now sits in Dubai perceived by his team and fans very differently to the demi-god, he was just one month ago. The irony of the whole situation is that Rooney who claimed he wasn’t injured, hasn’t started for United since that away draw at Bolton, and following Alex Fergusons comments today (see it looks like he will be out for another 5 weeks(I wonder whether Rooney dare contradict Ferguson this time)?

Now I know Rooney has been described as a liar, selfish, disloyal etc. but no one seems to have mentioned the term ‘burnt out’. And that is exactly what I intend to do.

Passing, Creativity, Work Rate, Technique, Vision, Finishing are all attributes that have lead to Wayne Rooney being recognised as one of the world’s top players. His new £65 million 5 – year contract makes Rooney the world’s highest paid player showing how highly Ferguson the godfather of English football rates the England striker, despite his lack of loyalty shown to United. This is exactly why I have failed to understand how the media and other individuals (cough cough Lawrenson, read Joe’s blog post on that one) can criticise Wayne Rooney. What I have found is that these individual are very quick to criticise Rooney but they don’t ask themselves why?

I remember watching MOTD, (it might actually have been the Premiership back when ITV got to show the premier league highlights) when Rooney burst on to the seen as a 16 year old. And one of the first memories I have about Wayne Rooney was the wise owl Arsene Wenger’s words. Whilst the English media and public were intoxicated with Roonmania, Wenger sent out a word of caution, insisting that Rooney must be protected and introduced to the game slowly to avoid him ‘burning out’. Moyes did an exceptional job at slowly introducing Rooney to the big time however 8 years on Wengers words couldn’t be more true. Rooney has now gone seven months without a goal in open play and most notably performed poorly in England’s World Cup campaign. As highlighted, Rooney definitely has the ability so for me Wenger’s prophecy has run true, Rooney has burnt out!

Should we seriously be surprised? I know a lot of naive people say ‘Rooney should be able to score, he is paid x-amount of money to kick a bag of air around blab la bla’. But what people fail to consider is the torment that the game can have on your body and mind no matter how much money you are paid. Wayne Rooney made his Premier League debut at 16, his international debut at 18 and his Man Utd debut also at 18. In simpler terms Wayne Rooney has put his body through physical torment for 8 solid years and eventually it has given in.

Being the best player for club and country means that you play and you play all the time, no matter if your ill, tired or having just recovered

Rooney after injuring his metatarsal in 2006 - sourced from

from a broken metatarsal…you play! Wayne Rooney has played pretty much two games a week since being 16 years old, maybe a midweek game in Ukraine or Russia and then back to Blackpool for a Saturday game. After a long hard season when you think he might just be able to put his feet up England duty comes calling, whether it is the World cup or European championships. I remember the 2006 world cup, Rooney broke his metatarsal pre-tournament, it was a case of chaining him up in an oxygen tank and making sure his foot was ready…was he actually fully fit for the tournament…probably not, but we need him he’s Wayne Rooney! Not only has Rooney been worked like a dog on the pitch, he has had his private life splashed across every newspaper and computer screen in the country surely that would mess with anybody’s mind?

Now I am not saying that Wayne Rooney has it hard compared to the homeless, the poor or even a Chilean Miner but I think that footballers are often seen as immortal and I think this is far from the case. 5 extra weeks off are a blessing in disguise for Rooney, club and country. Hopefully it will give him time to recover, rest and be back full guns blazing… I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he were to come back and take Manchester United to the Premier League title, would you?


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  2. sbo says:

    I agree with this story.
    I support  Wayne Rooney
    I’m an Man UTD fan,I love  Wayne Rooney
    Thank you for information sharing

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