Mikel “uncapped” Arteta

Mikel 'uncapped' Arteta - sourced from http://static.guim.co.uk

You may ask yourself what is the purpose for the inverted commas and uncapped between Mikel Arteta’s name? Well I offer another question, who is the best player in the premiership yet to play for his own nation? Or better yet in the world?

Whilst twiddling my thumbs to the boredom of part time retail work I threw this question too and from the depths of my brain and one name popped up amongst others, Mikel Arteta. Mikel was one of many hot prospects which rouse from Barcelona’s well renown youth system. When of age he moved to Scotland for a loan spell with rangers before committing to Everton where he plays his professional football today.

There is no need for any writer to put forward this players claims as any average football fan is well aware of this players attributes on the pitch as arguably Everton’s best player. Yet a team as strong as Everton would expect there best players to be away on international duty at some point in the season however while Baines, Cahill and others head for international duty Mikel Arteta is left in Merseyside.

Barcelona with no question of doubt win the prize of mother of the year due to there nurturing talents which have produced the likes of Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas who have all excelled at international level whilst Mikel Arteta is overlooked. There are many factors that familiarise him with the other Barca produce such as his promise from a young age where he captained the Spanish u21s. Yet he has never stepped up to the senior squad. Why not? Well there is no determining factor although a few points come to mind.

For example Mikel is praised for his loyalty to Everton by turning down offers from bigger clubs to stay at Merseyside in a “Matt Le Tissier”

Barcelona's Xavi and Iniesta - sourced from http://www.zonalmarking.net

fashion where he his son was born and has enjoyed 5 seasons. However whilst he stays loyal other competitors for the centre midfield crown play at big clubs with lots of media attention where there attributes are brought to the international plate (arguably over enthused). And Everton whilst David Moyes pulls numerous rabbits out of a minuscule bag compared to other clubs of there ability only attract small attention with monthly televised appearances. My point being then that his greatest strength (loyalty) could also be his greatest downfall as he avoids taking his career to the next level because of his loyalty to his club. This is a credit to Mikel and Everton however the fact that Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas all play champions league football in front of big crowds could well be the reason why he is wrongly overlooked!

After overlooking this blog, I leave you with one more question, in spite of Spain’s world cup success are England the only nation with selection problems?

Always a pleasure, Bearman.

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3 Responses to Mikel “uncapped” Arteta

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  2. Arteta actually signed for Rangers properly – he’d previously been on loan at PSG. There’s no doubt at all he’s a great player but one can’t really complain about him being overlooked for Spain. They’ve faired well enough without him. Perhaps its like Bernhard Schuster’s absence from the West Germany team in the nineties – although he didn’t play he wasn’t really missed.

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