David Beckham – The Legacy

A teary eyed man stands in front of a 12,000 strong audience receiving a 2 minute standing ovation after receiving a lifetime achievement award for his sport. A man who is greatly admired and idolised, a man who has been at the top of his profession for some time. That man is David Beckham.

Some may be thinking how can a man of just 35 years be given a lifetime achievement award? The award previously has been given to the likes of Pele, Mohammed Ali and Sir Bobby Robson, people who have spent their whole lives in their chosen sport and taking that sport forward in many ways. How can a man of so few years in comparison be standing alongside them? Well I believe it is down to what people can see in the future. The foundations are already set but David, in the future, can change the face of football and sport as a whole.

David Beckham is a brand. Not just his football boots, clothing or fragrance, him as a man. No other person in the world can match his popularity and following. It’s down to this status that he is such a big player in new movements in the English football game. He was the face of the England 2018 World Cup bid, and even though it was unsuccessful David’s involvement in that was widely admired. His delivery in talks, his passion and his belief in the bid made people stand up and take notice. The good work he did in helping with the successful London 2012 Olympic bid would have stood him in good stead for the World Cup Attempt. It is efforts such as these that have been taken into account when deciding to give him the honour he received at the 2010 Sports Personality of the Year Awards. He wants to change our countries sporting way for the better by trying to get the World’s biggest events to be staged here, and this shows his passion and good will.

Beckham’s Charity work is never really mentioned, but he does quite a lot of it. He has been a supporter of Unicef ever since his days at Manchester United. He is a Spokesman for Malaria No More based in New York City which is a non-profit organisation that aims to stop deaths of Malaria in Africa. And now that he is out in America playing in the MLS league he works alongside many related charities setting up youth clinics and other such ventures. He also has the David Beckham Academy for helping young talent in football which has recently been changed to a travelling coaching school.

In the 2010 World Cup Beckham was unable to take part due to an Achilles injury but was given the role of mediator between players and management. And although the tournament was not a success this showed how much David is liked and respected in the game. I hope this isn’t the last we will see of David in the England coaching set up as a man with as much respect and passion for his country as he has cannot be cast aside or not used to help the national side progress.

David Beckham in the future, I believe, should be given the chance to help the F.A., UEFA or even FIFA. A man such as him should not be ignored and should be used to help the sport regain some of its respectability. He is so widely respected that his opinions would not be laughed at and he clearly only wants what is right for the game. If given the right help I have no doubt he would be able to get the World’s favourite sport back on track as at the top it is taking quite a battering at the moment and quite rightly so.

For a man who in the past has been surrounded by so much controversy he has become such a well rounded individual with great delivery of speeches and not just crosses, something that in the past he has been ridiculed for. He has matured so much from the young boy sent off at World Cup 1998, and can only have learnt from his mistakes and ventures. So as a whole I feel that he was right to be given the award as his work in and out of football has helped so many and brought him so many fans. In the future I think David Beckham can only do right for the game we all love so much as long as he is given the right opportunities and the right support. Congratulations David, let us hope that you continue in the same vain.

About cuthbertakamario
I currently study sports science and coaching at Greenwich uni, realy enjoy playing football and most sports. and have a passion for music.

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