Qatar 2022: Winter wonderland or summer scorcher?

Sepp Blatter 'sheiks' hands with Qatar Qatar Football Association president Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Ahmed al-Thani

In 2022 the world will be watching with baited breath as Qatar try to host the world’s biggest event, the World Cup.  The Qatar bid has been a controversial one ever since it was announced it would host the competition by FIFA president Sepp Blatter in November.

Out of the nine World Cup bids aiming to win either the 2018 or the 2022 event, only Qatar’s bid was deemed “high risk” by FIFA officials, who evaluated all the bids.  Despite their own representatives coming to this conclusion, the FIFA voters didn’t listen, and Qatar was awarded the competition, beating the USA in the 4th round by 14 votes to 8, and FIFA citing the reason of “trying to expand the game around the World” as to why they come to this decision.

The competition, which was scheduled to be played in the summer of 2022, would be contested in temperatures of up to 50C.  To combat this absurd ask from FIFA to the greatest footballers on the planet, the world footballers union proposed the competition be moved to January, with temperatures at a more comfortable 25C.

This proposal has been almost unanimously praised, with Blatter saying “I definitely support playing in winter here [Middle East] when the climate is appropriate”

Although everyone in world football may be happy about the proposal to move it to winter, the clubs, Premier League and Football Associations surely will not.  It will of course disrupt almost all the major football leagues, even the ones that already have winter breaks.  Fixtures lists will have to be revised, with the season no doubt starting at the beginning of August as usual, and then put on hold while the tournament takes place, and then re-starting again once the World Cup finishes.

Yes It may give England a better chance in the competition, seeing as “fatigue” and “tiredness” after a long hard season won’t be an excuse either the media or the FA can use once England fail, but that is not the point, the point is that FIFA are going out of their way to do whatever they can to make the Qatar World Cup a success.

But why?  What FIFA are saying is that instead of picking one of the other 4 bids, all of which were deemed better choices by the FIFA personnel who assessed all the options, they have focused on meeting the needs of a country at whatever cost, including disrupting the whole football calendar to do so, because the country has no footballing history and the sport isn’t very popular in that area of the world.  Seems a lot of sacrifice to do so?

But the main question that has to come out of this decision has to be, if FIFA weren’t happy with the World Cup being played in the summer, as Blatter has said, then why did they decide to choose Qatar as the hosts in the first place?  It wasn’t their idea to move it to winter, it was always meant to be in the summer, it was others who suggested it be moved.

They have shot themselves in the foot, first showing their incompetence once again in giving the tournament to a country where the tournament would be played at 50C, and then backing ideas by other organisations to move it to winter, a cover to hide their mistake in the first place.

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One Response to Qatar 2022: Winter wonderland or summer scorcher?

  1. Matt says:

    Nobody seems to mention the prospect of playing games at nighttime. It gets cooler then. A midnight kick off in Qatar would be a 8pm kick off in the UK.

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