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Aim for the Sky: Why the loss of Richard Keys and Andy Gray will improve coverage

Gray and KeysThe most shocking thing about the sexism in football debate was the fact that people were surprised that Richard Keys and Andy gray said something stupid. Dated, simplistic, simple-minded views are what the pair have been pedalling on Sky Sports for a long time now, and truth be told the pair have been a disaster waiting to happen. Keys and Gray self-fashioned themselves so that they became the face of football, indeed millions of viewers merely regurgitate the pairs’ opinions as their own. Therefore they can have very little complaint when their bizarre views demand such attention and create such a fuss. They have visibly become complacent in this favoured role and the standard of their coverage has declined season on season for a while now. Ultimately it appeared more people were relieved at the duo’s departure rather than mourning the loss of hairy-handed presenter and his chimp like assistant. Read more of this post

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